Hill-Rom’s Locking Hose System for the Vest Model 105 version 1.22

In mid-2014, Hill-Rom started shipping theVest Model 105 with the locking hose system. The software version is still 1.22 and there do not appear to be any other changes in the software or hardware configuration that we have seen. The only difference is that the front of the air pulse unit has two air hose connectors with female ‘bayonet’ style receiving ports.

One end of each of the hoses has matching male-style bayonet fittings. To connect the hoses, the user inserts them into the air hose connection ports and then turns them 90 degrees to lock them in place.


The advantage of this system is that the hoses are securely attached to the air pulse unit. There has not been a change for the vest garment side and it will be interesting to see if Hill-Rom modifies the vest garment elbows to allow for a locking system here as well. As those of you who are familiar with the Respirtech Incourage Vest System know, Respirtech already uses a locking hose system for both the air pulse unit as well as the garment.

The advantage is that the hoses will not accidentally disconnect from the air pulse unit during treatments.

The disadvantage is that a user could accidentally pull the air pulse unit off an elevated surface such as a cabinet, table, counter, bedside table, or stand, causing it to fall and be damaged.


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