Hill-Rom The Vest 105 System Economy


This is a Refurbished System with 200 or more hours of use.  It is sold with a 12 month warranty and one vest garment of your choice.  The Vest® Airway Clearance System, Model 105, is specially designed to assist respiratory patients in the mobilization of retained secretions. Retained secretions can lead to increased rates of respiratory infection, hospitalization and reduced lung function. This is a vicious cycle that must be avoided at all costs.   And mechanical, High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Systems can help break the cycle.

This is a complete system consisting of a vest garment, an air pulse unit, a set of hoses, a travel bag, a remote control, a manual and quick start guide.  Nothing else is needed to start treatments.  

New System. Sold with 5 year warranty, travel bag, remote, manual, quick start guide and one vest garment of your choice.

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Overview of the Hill-Rom The Vest® 105 Airway Clearance System

The Hill-Rom Vest Model 105 Airway Clearance System helps respiratory patients maintain clear airways.  Certain respiratory patients may retain mucus due to airway clearance dysfunctions.  Other patients may struggle with secretion retention and/or an ineffective cough.  Another patient group that use the Hill-Rom Vest Model 105 Airway Clearance System may produce excess mucus secretion.  Hospitalized or immobile user may also struggle with airway clearance.  Sometimes, people that have been sick for some time may benefit from HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation) treatments to help them clear their airways.   For patients that are struggling with neuromuscular conditions or paraplegia the Vest treatments may also help.  Finally, patients that suffer from other conditions that cause muscle weakness may also find CPT (Chest Percussion Therapy) using the Hill-Rom Vest helpful.


We offer following categories / warranty options:

CategoryUse HoursWarranty
New0.0 hours5 year / 1000 hours
Demo0.1-1 hour4 year / 800 hour warranty
Standard1-100 hours3 year / 500 hour warranty
Budget101-150 hours2 year / 300 hour warranty
Economy150+ hours1 year / 200 hour warranty

The Hill-Rom Vest is used to treat the following conditions:

• Bronchiectasis
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
• Atelectasis, Pulmonary Infiltrates
• Acute Lung Injury (ALI) or Pneumonia
• Respiratory Failure – Acute (ARF)
• Aspiration Lung Injury
• Pulmonary Insufficiency following trauma
• Mechanical Ventilation or Surgery
• Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
• Emphysema
• Asthma
• Chronic Bronchitis

The HillRom Vest is also used to treat respiratory Conditions caused by:

• Obesity
• Cardiac Failure
• Cerebral Palsy
• Motor Neuron Disease
• Quadriplegia and/or Quadriparesis
• Muscular Dystrophies and other myopathies
• Dyspnea or other respiratory abnormalities

The Most Commonly Used Airway Clearance System

The Hill-Rom Vest 105 Airway Clearance System is the most commonly used High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) system in the world.   The predecessor, the Model 104 Vest, was the first portable airway clearance device.  It allowed patients to receive their CPT (chest percussion therapy) in the comfort of their own home.  Prior to that, patients had to go to a hospital, clinic or a rehabilitation facility to receive HFCWO therapy.  Hill-Rom revolutionized the treatment of many respiratory patients and saved caregivers and medical professional a lot of time compared to manual percussion therapy.  And because HFCWO treatment is more comfortable than manual percussion therapy, it is easier to reach better compliance.  

Components of the Hill-Rom The Vest® 105 Airway Clearance System

The Hill-Rom Vest uses an air pulse generator to create high frequency oscillations.  These oscillations range from 5 – 20 Hz.   The oscillations are transmitted from the air pulse generator via a set of two hoses to a vest garment.  Then, the vest garment transfers them to the user’s torso.  These oscillations liquify excess mucus in the lungs.  They further help to move it from the smaller to the larger airways.  Once liquified,  and in the larger airways, the user can then cough up excess mucus.

Some patients that cannot cough effectively may benefit from the aid of the Respironics CoughAssist T70, or the Hill-Rom VitalCough ®.  By removing excess mucus from the lungs, patients can reduce their risk of developing pneumonia.

Here is a link on how patients with bronchiectasis benefit from HCWO treatments.

Vest Garments for the Hill-Rom Vest

The Hill-Rom Vest Model 105 Airway Clearance System can accommodates a wide variety of  vest garments.  These vest garments are available in many different sizes and colors.

The most important factor for choosing the correct Hill-Rom vest style:

  1. Determine if the user is fully mobile and can stand and sit without assistance.  For these patients, the Hill-Rom washable C3 vest garment may be the best choice.  The C3 vest garments are more effective because the air bladders are both in the front, the sides and in the back. The C3 vest garments should NOT be used for patients that are going to be using them while laying in bed.  If used in bed, the patient will bounce up and down due to the air pulses between their back and the mattress.
  2. If the patient is bedridden, a Hill-Rom Vest Wrap may be the most appropriate vest garment.  This particular garment only has an inflation pocket in the front (chest).  Even though treatments are not nearly as powerful, it may be the best choice of garments.   In addition, the vest wrap is much easier for a patient / caregiver to put on when lying in bed.

Note:  Both vest styles use the same hoses.


The Vest Airway Clearance System Guidelines for Determining Garment Size


Measuring Chest Circumference
Measuring Chest Circumference is the only way to guarantee proper vest garment fit.

To obtain an accurate measurement for inflatable garment size:
1. Take a deep breath and hold it.
2. Using a tape measure, loosely measure the inches around the widest part of your chest;
women should measure at the bust line.
3. Consult the chart below to determine your inflatable garment size.Proper Vest Garment Fit is Important

The size is extremely important.  Children and young adults cannot be expected to just ‘grow into’ the vest garment.  Vest garments that are too large do not offer effective treatment.  And, if the vest garment is too small, treatments may be uncomfortable.  We sell additional vest garments, but only to our customers that have purchased a complete system from us due to their limited availability.  Most of these garments are machine washable.  All vest garments automatically reduce the air pressure in the inflatable garment when treatment is paused.  This allows for deep for breathing and effective coughing.  There is no need to remove the vest garment during cough pauses. 

Vest garments for the Hill-Rom 105 Vest System:  C3 Vest or Vest Wrap

The most common vest garment for patients that can sit or stand without assistance is the Washable C3 garment. The inflation bladder covers the entire torso, front and back, maximizing treatment effectiveness.  These garments have a cover (blue, pink, purple, black, camouflage) and a removable bladder.   The bladder has to be removed via a zipper on the bottom of the vest garment prior to washing the cover.

C3 Vest Garment








Hillrom Washable C3 Vest Garment used by patients that can sit / stand without assistance.

Hillrom Vest Wrap





Hillrom Vest Wrap – For patients that are not able to stand / sit without assistance.

HillRom C3 Vest Garment Size Chart

Child X Small:16″-19″ chest size
Child Small:19″-23″ chest size and 13″ long
Child Medium:>23″-27″ chest size and 16″ long
Child Large:>27″-31″ chest circumference and 17″ long
Adult X Small Slim:>27″-31″ chest circumference and 18″ long
Adult Small:>31″-36″ chest circumference and 18″ long
Adult Medium:>36″-45″ chest circumference and 18″ long
Adult Large:>45″-52″ chest circumference and 22″ long


HillRom Vest Wrap Size Chart

X Small:13-19″ chest circumference
Small:23- 33″ chest circumference
Medium:33-43″ chest circumference
Large:43-53″ chest circumference
X-Large53-63″ chest circumference