New HillRom Model 205 TheVest Airway Clearance System for Clinical Use


  • This is a brand new system sold with a 4 year Guarantee.
  • Multiple Patient Programming
  • For hospital / care or rehabilitation facility use.
  • Easy, Safe and Effective.
  • Rolling Stand Included for ultimate, in-house portability. 
  • Most Commonly Used Hospital Airway Clearance System.

This is a brand new system sold with a 4 year Guarantee.

The Hill-Rom Vest 205 System is safe, effective and easy to use.

It is also the most commonly used airway clearance for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes.

Where is the The Hill-Rom Vest® Model 205 Acute Care Airway Clearance System Used?

Respiratory professionals in an acute care or rehabilitation facility commonly use the Hill-Rom Model 205 Vest System.

It is very similar to the Model 105 but features up to 10 treatment profiles for different patient needs.

It also has a heavy-duty power board designed for higher duty cycles required in busy hospital or rehabilitation facility environments.

The Hill-Rom Vest Model 205 Acute Care Airway Clearance System benefits patients with retained retained secretion removal.

The Model 205 treats both acute and chronic respiratory conditions.

For individual patient use in a home care setting, we recommend the Hill-Rom Vest Model 105   and the RespirTech InCourage Vest System.

For  fully mobile patients, we recommend the AffloVest or the Hill-Rom Monarch Vest.

How does The Hill-Rom Vest® Model 205 Acute Care Airway Clearance System benefit patients?

The Hill-Rom Vest  Model 205System benefits patients suffering from airway clearance dysfunction, secretion retention and/or ineffective cough or secretion clearance.

These respiratory conditions may be due to immobility, deconditioning or muscle weakness.

The Hill-Rom Vest 205 Acute Care Airway Clearance System uses HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation) technology to remove mucus from the bronchial walls.

Then, the oscillations also move secretions & mucus from the smaller to larger airways through ciliary action.

After that, they can be cleared by coughing or suctioning.

If the patient is unable to cough effectively, a CoughAssist T70 or VitalCough system can also be used.

The Hill-Rom Vest 205 Airway Clearance provides clinicians with the following advantages:

The Hill-Rom Vest® Model 205 Acute Care Airway Clearance System is Easy

  • No need to reposition the patient and shorter average therapy time compared to CPT
  • Increased compliance compared to CPT for pediatric patients

The 205 System is Safe

  • No need to change head-of-bed into Trendelenburg position and at least as safe as CPT
  • Disposable Single Patient Use garment options to prevent cross-infections

The System is Effective

  • Provides consistent therapy & mobilizes secretions as well as as CPT
  • Allows concurrent administration of aerosol treatment to save time for both patient and treatment provider

What is included?

  • Remote control
  • Air Hoses
  • Power Supply & Cord
  • Printed Manual
  • Rolling Stand
  • 5 single patient vest garments

The Hill-Rom Vest® Model 205 Control Features:

  • A ramping protocol to ease the patient into therapy without shocking them.
  • Simple, flexible programming such as: Normal, Ramp and Program Mode with Cough Pause™ Options.
  • Automatically and gradually reduces pressure when paused
  • Easy-to-read, large LCD screen

The Rolling Stand:

  • Four independent, swiveling casters provide for ease of movement.
  • Convenient, quick-access storage for vest garments .
  • Small footprint for easy positioning and storage when not in use.
  • Adjustable height to comfortably accommodate both patients and caregivers.


All Systems: 1 year / 300 hour


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