Refurbished Philips RespirTech CoughAssist T70


The CoughAssist Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator effectively clears broncho-pulmonary secretions.

The CoughAssist T70 is an effective, safe and simple Mechanical Insufflation-Exsufflation Device.

The Cough Assist Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator, or Cofflator, clears retained bronco-pulmonary secretions, reducing the risk of Respiratory complications.

It is sold with 3 complete breathing circuits (filter, hose, adapter, mask / mouthpiece / trach adapter).


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The Philips Respironics Cough-Assist T70Effective, Safe and Simple  to Use. 

The ability to cough is necessary for a healthy airway. The airway linings produce mucus which traps dirt and bacteria. This mixture of mucus, dirt, and bacteria can be harmful if allowed to increase in quantity. Coughing is the body’s natural way of clearing mucus from the lungs and airways. Many respiratory diseases cripple the body’s ability to cough by weakening the muscles in the rib cage, neck, and abdomen. This weakened condition interferes with your body’s ability to remove secretions, increasing the chance of respiratory infections. If coughing becomes too difficult for patients, doctors often prescribe the use of Mechanical Coughing Therapy.

The CoughAssist T70 clear secretions from the lungs using positive and negative pressure. When you breathe in (inspiration), the CoughAssist T70 gives you positive pressure airflow.  This helps expand your lungs. When you exhale, the Philips CoughAssist T70 creates a sucking force (negative pressure).  This pulls the air out of your lungs.  This rapid change in pressure during the different phases of breathing (inspiration and expiration) makes your cough stronger and more effective. The addition of the CoughAssist T70 feature, called ‘Cough-Trak’, allows you to synchronize treatment with your own breathing patterns.

The Philips CoughAssist T70 Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator, or Cofflator, clears retained broncho-pulmonary secretions.  Regular use of the CoughAssist T70 reduces the risk of respiratory complications.  It comes standard with an adjustable internal inhale-flow restrictor and a  breathing circuit (filter, hose, adapter, mask).


Philips Cough-Assist T70 Control and synchronization

The CoughAssist T70 Cough-Trak algorithm gives the user and caregiver the ability to initiate their therapy.  By triggering inspiration, this feature helps to synchronize the CoughAssist T70 therapy with the user’s own breathing pattern.  This allows for more control and easier to tolerate CoughAssist therapy.  Users also report that this is a more comfortable and natural treatment.


Philips Cough-Assist T70 – Flexible Therapy 

The Philips Cough Assist T70 has three, highly customizable therapy modes – the ability to better tailor therapy to your exact needs and easily adjust treatment settings.  These settings include Manual, Auto, Advanced Auto.  The complete manual control over every aspect of treatment by a clinician or caregiver while the  fully automated treatment mode includes pressure settings, pre-therapy breaths and cough cycles.


CoughAssist T70 Secretion Loosening & Mobilization

The CoughAssist T70 also has an adjustable oscillation feature.  This feature enhances the loosening of mucus from the bronchial walls and increases the mobilization of secretions.  This in turn improves bronchial drainage and increases the benefits of mechanical insufflation-exsufflation therapy.

Philips CoughAssist T70 Non-Invasive Patient Interfaces

Instead of using a suction catheter into the airway, the CoughAssist T70 delivers therapy through either
  • a face mask,
  • a mouthpiece,
  • or a trach adapter used for the patient’s tracheotomy tube.
CoughAssist Trach Adapters
CoughAssist Trach Adapters
CoughAssist Mouthpieces
CoughAssist Mouthpieces
CoughAssist Viral Filter and Inflation Syringe
CoughAssist Viral Filter and Inflation Syringe
CoughAssist T-70 Facemask Sizes
CoughAssist T-70 Facemask Sizes

Philips CoughAssist T70 Specifications

Relative humidity
  • 15 to 95 % (non-condensing)
Operating temperature
  • 5 to 35 °C
  • 29.2 cm W x 23.1 cm H x 19.0 cm D (11.5″ W x 9.1″ H x 9.5″ D)
Atmospheric pressure
  • 101 to 77 kPa (approximately 0-7500 ft)
Weight (without detachable battery)
  • 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)
Weight (with detachable battery installed)
  • 4.3 kg (9.4 lbs)
Features and settings
  • Cough-Trak on/off (not available in Manual mode)
Inspiratory time
  • 0.0 to 5.0 sec (not available in Manual mode)
Maximum negative pressure
  • -70 cm H₂O
Maximum positive pressure
  • 70 cm H₂O
  • 3
Inhale flow
  • Low/medium/high
  • Manual, Auto, Advanced Auto
Pause time
  • 0.0 to 5.0 sec (not available in Manual mode or if Cough-Trak is enabled)
Expiratory time
  • 0.0 to 5.0 sec (not available in Manual mode)

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All Systems: 1 year / 150 hour


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Power Cord Information

All of our units have a universal power supply that accepts inputs from 110 – 230 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz. That means that you do not need a transformer to operate this system. We do however recommend a surge protector to protect the system against power spikes, especially if you are in an area where the local electrical grid is susceptible to spikes due to poor infrastructure or lighting strikes.

We supply a power cord for your home country, so if you are planning on traveling with your system, or if you are shipping to other than the destination country, please let us know.

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